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The 4 Critical Mistakes People Make When Choosing an Alternative Treatment For Neuropathy?

Avoiding these 4 mistakes will empower you and give you the tools necessary to evaluate and choose the best treatment for your Neuropathy.

Mistake #1 – Patients don’t select a treatment protocol that will increase blood flow to the micro blood vessels (capillaries) in your feet and legs.

One of the causes of Neuropathy and the reason it gets worse is because the tiny blood vessels (capillaries) in the feet and legs get damaged. These blood vessels wrap around the nerves and are their source of life. The blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to the nerve. If you cut the blood flow off to any part of the body, that part begins to die. This is the main cause for Neuropathy and the main reason it gets worse with time.

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If you want any chance of a good result in reducing, or ending, your pain or numbness, you must select a treatment protocol that emphasizes increased blood flow in your legs and feet.

*** Don’t make the mistake of going to a practitioner who uses a hand held laser to treat Neuropathy. ***

Hand held lasers are designed for the deep treatment of joints and muscles. Hand held lasers do a great job for treating parts of the body where pain is focused, like a shoulder or elbow. The symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy however take place over large areas of the foot, hands, or legs. It is difficult to deliver an even dosage of light therapy to these ares with a hand held laser. Also, Neuropathy is easily aggravated if you are not precise with the dosage and power of the light source.

It’s interesting to mention that there are over 2,000 references on light therapy! We use a LED therapy that is FDA cleared to increase circulation and are proud to utilize ProNeuroLight therapy as a core treatment in our protocol. NASA has done extensive research on this treatment technology and you can take a look at the research here:
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The way ProNeuroLight therapy works is by using a specific light wavelength that dilates damaged blood vessels which aims to help nerves gain what they need most for a fighting chance: nutrition, oxygen, and increased blood flow. It is attached to the foot and leg and is programmed for an energy and wavelength specifically designed for painless neuropathy treatment. Amazingly, ProNeuroLight therapy also plays a pivotal role in angiogenesis, which is the creation of new blood vessels. This further increases the blood flow to your nerves even when you’re not getting direct treatment!  

The ProNeuroLight is specifically designed to painlessly treat peripheral Neuropathy. It attaches to the foot and leg and is programmed to deliver a specific amount of energy at a specific wave length for Neuropathy.

Mistake #2 – Your Treatment Doesn’t Stimulate Damaged Nerves

When the sensory nerves in your feet or legs are damaged they atrophy (shrink). This is similar to what happens to your muscles after you get a cast removed from your leg or arm. Your muscles atrophy, they get smaller.

We use a specific computerized treatment device from Germany called HakoMed ( It delivers a patented frequency technology to your damaged nerves. This technology starts to exercise your nerves (neuromuscular reeducation). This is critical when you’re trying to rehabilitate damaged nerves. You have to get your nerves working again electrically.

**Please don’t make the mistake of thinking the HakoMed is just a run of the mill electrical stimulation or tens unit. You can get a home electrical stimulation unit from your physical therapist for $34.99.












State of the Art German Technology  VS. Outdated Electrical Stimulation Unit

We have invested over $250,000 in this German technology.  I don’t say this to impress you, but to impress upon you that there is a massive difference in the results of using the HakoMed vs. simple electrical stimulation.

Mistake #3 – Your Doctor isn’t trained on Neuropathy nutritional protocols. **Warning the foods you are eating could be making your Neuropathy worse and spread like a Wild Fire. Your doctor must provide a comprehensive nutritional and supplement program with you. Without it, you may not get any results or minimal at best.

Your doctor has to have the specialized knowledge to be able to identify the foods you may be eating that can contribute to your Neuropathy and make it worse. Some foods promote inflammation of the nerves and decrease peripheral circulation at the same time. Some foods can cause an autoimmune reaction with Neuropathy suffers.

There are specialized nutritional supplements that help reduce inflammation and increase peripheral circulation. These supplements are only available through doctors. These are critical to getting optimal results with a comprehensive Neuropathy treatment program.

Mistake #4 – You must choose a Doctor that has a practice dedicated to treating patients who suffer with Neuropathy.

You don’t want to hire a doctor who just dabbles in Neuropathy part time. You need a doctor who is dedicated and passionate about helping people with Neuropathy. A doctor who is always looking for ways to improve his treatment outcomes. A doctor who is keeping his eyes wide open for the latest innovations to help his or her patients.

We have an office dedicated to helping patients with peripheral Neuropathy.

We have a huge amount of experience in addressing the misery of pain and numbness that comes with Neuropathy.

Last year alone we had 2617 new patients come to see if we could help them with their pain and numbness.